Tortolita Radio Club of Tucson, Arizona Governance

President: Paul Seger, K7AZT
Vice President: Tom Kravec, W8TK
Treasurer: Dave Dostie, AE9Q
Secretary: Rick Swearingen, W7RMM

Governing Documents
You can view the Tortolita Radio Club’s governing documents by clicking on Constitution and By-Laws.

In Memoriam
Ron Herring, W7HD – Founding Member Emeritus

From Paul Seger, K7AZT:
“Many of you knew Ron Herring, W7HD. He became a Silent Key Friday October 15, 2021. On his passing the board declared Ron to be Founding Member Emeritus.

“Ron was the first Secretary of the Tortolita Radio Club. Ron was a founding member of the Tortolita Radio Club in September 2020. One of the rebels that pioneered this club. His monthly newsletters are legendary, full of a wide variety of amateur radio links and tips.

“Ron was licensed as WN5TKL in 1967, quickly upgraded to Advanced as WA5TKL, then to Extra as AB7HD, finally taking W7HD as his call in 1999. He had a varied career: Air Force, Bell Telephone, 25 years at the Pima Country Sheriff’s Department.  But most interesting, as a designer at Heathkit.

“Ron was an amazing man, fully into amateur radio and everything Linux, always experimenting and looking for something new to try. He shared his findings and enthusiasm with the club in his monthly newsletter. He could be counted on to get those extra Field Day points by making satellite contacts using his latest home-brew antennas. He could be found camped on FT8 at any hour of the day. 

“Ron was the ‘go to’ person for advice, a mentor to many. A man with a big smile who welcomed everyone. We will miss him.”

From Tom Kravec, W8TK:
“Anyone who knows me understands that FIELD DAY is my passion.  I have participated almost every year in the past 6 decades. 

“Until I met Ron, I assumed making the satellite QSO was something that few clubs could accomplish considering that 40,000 hams were out in the field on that weekend and a large portion of those attempting to make that one contact. When we were passing out future assignments for FD, Ron practically jumped out of his chair to volunteer. 

“I had my doubts until Ron showed up at the site with a couple laptops running satellite tracking programs and hand-held antennas resembling kitchen tools. He made the contact easily and was applauded by the entire club, many of whom watched his accomplishment. Then he did it again the next year. And the next year!

“Ron was a ham’s ham and was conversant in every aspect of the hobby. I miss his upbeat attitude, friendship and counsel.”